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WAM Training

If you need a boomlift license, make sure you enroll now at WAM Training and get the best boomlift training so you can easily and quickly obtain a boomlift licence in Melbourne.

Aside from boomlift training, WAM Training likewise offers a range of courses necessary to obtain Worksafe High Risk Licenses for forklifts, dogging, non slewing cranes, and other construction machinery.

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We are a Registered Training Organization (RTO) based in Melbourne and we take pride in the extensive range of courses and education solutions that we provide for those who wish to enter the construction industry and for companies who wish to cultivate their laborers' skills to that of a licensed and more competent professional.

We have a pool of qualified instructors who are experienced in operating different construction machinery and knowledgeable about workplace safety training.

It is our goal to help you facilitate efficient and safe construction work and through our tailored tutorial and training, we can help transform your team into a more effective group of tradesmen who can complete your project safely and more effectively.

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Boomlift Training - From Geelong to Carlton

Each course offered in our training centre comes with sit-down lectures and hands-on tutorials; this way we can be certain that both theoretical and applied knowledge are developed.

Among the training courses we offer are:

  • Training to Obtain Boomlift License
  • Training to Obtain Dogging License
  • Training to Obtain Forklift License
  • Electrical Spotters Course
  • Overhead Gantry
  • Vehicle Mounted Crane
  • First Aid Application

Our training course to obtain a licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform has been commended by many construction companies.

Included in this specific course are instructions and guidelines on operating a boomlift with at least 11 metres of boom length, a telescoping device, and a hinged device.

All materials will be supplied in this 2-day course and assessment will be made upon completion of the training program.

WAM Training's Boomlift Licence Course guarantees to improve knowledge and practical skills which will support licence approval.

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Boomlift Ticket - From North Melbourne to Braeside

So if you or your team need a refresher course or advanced coaching in operating heavy machinery, WAM Training is the training centre to call.

Many have commended our extensive range of training courses specifically. We can your team develop the necessary competence to do jobs correctly, safely, and professionally.

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