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WAM Training

If you operate a boom lift over 11m you need to get your Worksafe High Risk Work Licence.   WAM Training provides these courses every week at our Industrial Training Center Located at 73 Dohertys Rd, Laverton North.

This course provides trainees with the information, instruction and training required to operate a Boom Lift Safely.

This will help you or your employees to understand what is required to:

  • Plan work for Boom Lift operation
  • Conduct Pre-Operational checks on a Boom Lift
  • Set up a Boom Lift
  • Operate a Boom Lift
  • Shut down & Boom Lift security

Whether you want to gain new skills for your employees or for yourself you will find the right training for your workplace at WAM Training. 

You can also get High Risk Work Licences for Dogging, Forklift, Bridge & Gantry Crane and Non Slewing Mobile Cranes.   

We also conduct courses in Working Safely at Heights, Confined Space Entry, Electrical Spotters, First Aid, Traffic, Trenching, Manual Handling, Overhead Gantry Crane, Construction Induction (White Card), Elevating Work Platforms (Scissor Lift, Vertical Lift & Under 11M Boom Lift) and much more.

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Boomlift Course - Laverton - Melbourne

We are a Registered Training Organization (RTO) based in Melbourne who offers you an extensive range of courses and education solutions.   The courses on offer to you suit those who wish to enter the construction industry and for companies who wish to improve or add to their employees skill base.

We have a pool of qualified instructors who are experienced in operating different construction machinery and knowledgeable about workplace safety training.

WAM training has a complete range of training services to fulfill the training needs of the Construction, mining and manufacturing industries.   “WAM Training will work with company owners, managers & supervisors to achieve OH&S compliance through the provision of quality nationally accredited training solutions.”

The expertise of our training support team will help to you to select the right training course for you.   

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Boomlift Training - From Geelong to Carlton

Each course offered to you are conducted at our Industrial Training Facility with classroom style learning and and use of new and modern equipment for practical exercises; this way we can be certain that both theoretical and applied knowledge are developed.

Among the training courses we offer are:

Our training course to obtain a licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform has been commended by many construction companies.

Upon successful completion of the 2 day Boom Lift (Over 11 Meters) training course you will leave with a Licence to commence operating an Over 11 Meter Boom Lift from the moment you leave our Industrial Training Facility.

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Boomlift Ticket - From North Melbourne to Braeside

So if you or your team needs a refresher course or traning and assessment in operating heavy machinery, WAM Training is the training centre to call.

Many have commended our extensive range of training courses specifically. We can help your team develop the necessary competence to do work correctly, safely, and professionally.

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